Helping people unlock the power within.

I’m Maria.

I'm a mindset coach and wellbeing specialist, dedicated to helping leaders and executives achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success. I help talented problem-solvers, passionate action-takers and dedicated high-achievers who crave something more to move beyond their blocks, and use their strengths to live a life of purpose.

Often in our pursuit of big dreams, we can find ourselves feeling a little 'stuck'.
This is where I come in.

"Small steps taken with big intention bring great reward."

Helping people to become their most powerful selves.

Living with purpose empowers us to lead more successful lives. It’s both a state of mind and a conscious way of living. I help people to unlock their potential for even greater positive impact on themselves, their wellbeing, and the world around them.

For individuals.

For teams.

Praise from Belinda C.
"Maria works on an incredible psychological, business orientated yet intuitive level; providing tools to unlock barriers, develop skills, maximise your personal abilities and achieve your goals and aspirations. The level of rapid transformation and growth is phenomenal. Maria comes highly recommended – be ready, and committed, to plunge into the vast array of opportunities and development that will be right at your fingertips!"

Individual coaching client
Praise from John B.
"My staff and I had a wonderful experience training with Maria. The sincere kindness and sensitivity that she brings to her work is positively as amazing as the results she achieves through those qualities. The apparent ease and comfort of her presentations camouflage a wonderfully powerful and engaging communication style. We had a wonderful time watching and experiencing her skilful instruction, and we sincerely enjoyed the out-of-class time with her as well. Her sterling personality is as much of her power it seems, as her graceful application of skills."

Team coaching client
Praise from Kevin C.
"Maria Smith has a knack for bringing out the best in people. Her “lights go on” energy motivates, inspires, and drives home concepts and techniques to help to reach resources within yourself you didn’t know you had. If you get a chance attend one of her seminars, or work with her one-on-one either way – do it."

Event attendee
Praise from Garrett F.
"My first meeting with Maria was nothing short of phenomenal. Her energy, enthusiasm, expertise and compassion facilitate nothing less than life-transforming experiences. She is definitely one of the few who walks her talk."

Event attendee
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