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Strengths Profiling

Strengths are much more than the things you are good at or capable of doing. 
Strengths give you energy when you harness them to complete tasks or activities. Strengths are skills and attributes that:

You do well, and 
seem easy 

You enjoy 

You do 

You move 
quickly through 


Everyone has strengths, the challenge is knowing exactly what they are and how they influence the way we perform.

Working in a role where we’re not using our strengths can be very de-energising, leading to a loss in satisfaction, disinterest and productivity. Research shows that when we are aware of and develop our strengths, we feel more energised, learn faster, perform better and strive to do our best. If you want to feel motivated and enjoy the activities you perform, understanding your strengths, weaknesses and your learned behaviours is the fastest and most effective way to boost your potential and your performance.

What is the strengths Profile?

Strengths profiling was launched in 2009 as a world-leading tool developed by cappfinity that changes the way we assess, develop and leverage talent in people. 

The Strengths Profile tool is unique and distinct from traditional one-dimensional strengths tests, assessing 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance and use. 

The Profile pinpoints people’s results in four quadrants:

[ Realized Strength ]

Skills or attributes  that we find energising, that we perform well, and used more often. 

[ Unrealized Strength ]

Skills and attributes  that we find energising, that we perform well, but we don’t use them often. 

[ Learned behaviors ]

Skills  and attributes that we have learned over time to do well, however we can find the de-energising if we heavily rely on them 

[ Weaknesses ]

Skills and attributes that we don’t perform well and we can lose energy when performing them.

This model provides a positive platform for development, giving you a unique insight into your skills and attributes and enables you to implement strategies to maximise your growth potential, minimise your weaknesses and optimise your performance and wellbeing.

Strengths Profiling is ideal if you want to:

If you’re ready to discover your strengths, Bounce can help you on your way.

We can perform both individual, and team strengths profiling through an online assessment and debrief session to help interpret the results. Reports can be made available for individuals, teams and managers. We can help you use these reports to implement changes to your workplace structures based on the report outcomes for team assessments.

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