Powerful keynotes.

Breathe life into your events.

Maria’s presentations are known for being as impactful virtually as they are in person. Delivering inspirational talks to some of the world’s most progressive organisations and influential events, her presentations are centred around high-energy engagement, thought-provoking concepts, and captivating stories. Maria brings life to events by involving audiences in live experimentation and actionable learnings, as well as connecting with people in spaces where they can be themselves and share experiences.

Maria’s presentations are more than a ticked box on the agenda. Expect surprise, inspiration, and entertainment. Wherever you are in the world, rest assured that with Maria presenting at your event, you are in good company.

Moving speeches, intuitive coaching and expert facilitation –  all molded to your needs. 

“I really do believe, deep down that when people find their purpose, they connect with a deeper passion within themselves, and that is why we are the way finders.”

Keynote topics

Below are some of the themes around which Maria has centred her talks on the global and national stage. Have a topic in mind? Get in touch to discuss.

Inspiring resilience

Resilience has become a buzzword in the wellbeing space, but what does it really mean? And what does it take to cultivate and sustain? This talk covers the science behind wellbeing, and offers practical, sustainable building blocks to bouncing back.

Coaching with purpose

Virtual engagement is full of challenges and opportunities. In this presentation, you'll be lead through the “why, what, and how” of keeping coaching purposeful and personal within a digital context.

Connection and trust

All successful relationships come down to the level of connection and trust shared by the people involved. This engaging, lively talk covers the key elements of rapport, and a offers a guide on how to build trust on a powerful level.

Inspire your audience.