Unlock team synergy.

Unlock your team's potential. Be better together.

Organisations that value the wellbeing of their team above all else have the ultimate competitive advantage. When this is supported by a clearly defined purpose, these businesses become significantly more profitable and have higher employee engagement and longevity. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
Combining strategic advisory, leadership development, effective communication, self and social awareness strategies, Maria works with organisations to drive positive culture change. An organisation’s success can and should defined by the co-existence of purpose, profit, and a culture which prioritises wellbeing and social good.
Maria focuses on empowering leadership teams to be forward-thinking, elevate constructive conversations, and invest in realising big-picture goals. This is achieved through connection, authenticity, and storytelling that deeply impacts hearts and minds.

Should we manage teams or coach teams?

Managing teams often does just that. It can be restrictive, prescriptive, and ultimately ignore the boundless potential of its members. Coaching empowers staff to be and do their best for themselves, each other, and the organisation.

Managing resuts in a team that...

  • is obedient
  • follows directions
  • delivers on short-term goals
  • looks to you for direction

Coaching results in a team that...

  • thinks outside the box
  • understands their role in the bigger picture
  • plans for long-term improvements
  • is confident in their own abilities

Connecting your people to something incredible

Unlocking team potential with Maria is based on these four pillars:

Acute awareness

Elevating self and social awareness of teams through identifying the values, beliefs, and experiences that shape them.

Clear communication

 Building trust through powerful communication to maximise connection and engagement.

Defined direction

Empowering teams to move forward by providing a clear view of the destination and the road ahead.

Armoured action

Equipping teams with the skills and safeguards for tangible and lasting results.