Unlock your potential.

Investing in yourself is a power move.

Investing in yourself is as much a choice as following the familiar path. It’s a bold move, and Maria helps the people who choose it to fulfil their potential and live their lives fully, with purpose.
Maria’s approach is direct and action-focused, and accounts for her clients’ personal knowledge and experience. Through establishing strong rapport and a deep level of trust, Maria works alongside her clients to elicit strengths in leadership, and navigate the challenging dynamics of human behaviour in the workplace. She helps clients reveal unconscious drivers, and commit to actionable steps toward a high level of engagement, and sustained performance in the workplace.
Coaching with Maria is about diving deep to discover what is vital in the lives of her clients. Centred on overcoming barriers and blocks, getting crystal clear on goals, and leaning into personal strengths, Maria’s coaching empowers people to live life on their terms. She offers tools for overcoming stress and overwhelm, and strategies to move into a soul-fulfilling existence.

Coaching Packages

There are several ways you can work with Maria, with different coaching packages to suit your goals.
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